numerous individuals on the road

numerous individuals on the road


video still

numerous individuals on the road is made entirely out of video footage with corresponding sound from the cockpit of an American F-16 fighter jet in Fallujah. The video was released on the Information Clearinghouse website but is largely unavailable otherwise. In my interventions on this footage, I thought a lot about the layers of distance that technology allows us from the viscerality and consequence of our actions, and the ways in which recording something, and viewing a recording of something, makes it unreal, surreal, fictional, and/or art. I am interested in the habits that various technologies (those that are designed to record/preserve and those that are designed to destroy) have of creating these disjunctures. This habit is colluded with contemporary questions of credibility that surround so much of the media that we now view as documentation, and with art’s potential to restore an ethos of critical viewing and listening. I also want to disseminate this history, and I distribute DVDs of the original footage at screenings of this piece.


full video here: numerous individuals on the road

numerous individuals web levels 2013 hd letterbox from Jessica Feldman on Vimeo.